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Not Quite Dead

So I haven’t written anything in a year. Looking back at what has happened since my last post is daze inducing. I have been busy, true to my word in the last post. Yes, you never got to read my keen (amateur) insights into use-wear analysis, or whether I survived my last semester. But you will, and I did. To condense the past year:

-The student representative position I was appointed to had ceased to exist years before so it ended up not taking much time out of my week.

-My thesis, which was purely extracurricular, quickly became more of a report I was doing on the side of focusing on graduating.

-Use-wear analysis, as interesting as the results can be, is a soul shattering slow process. I hope to do more of it in the future.

-Graduated. Glorious parties were had.

– “took a year off” before grad school. This is code for spending 6 awesome months overseas in the field and in the lab.

-Excavated at Hemmeh again (will milk this for several blog posts)

-The Arab Spring started

-I’m now performing a basic analysis of the Hemmeh lithic assemblage under Dr. Sam Smith at Oxford Brookes University.

-Graduate school apps are being prepared and fired off all over creation.

I’ve got posts planned for the coming weeks. One on an Iraqi translator for the U.S. army. He’s a refugee in Jordan, hoping to get American citizenship and facing a hell of a time all around. I’m planning on writing one to flesh out the research on the Hemmeh lithics, and the site’s place in the PPNA Southern Levant (which we’re finding out is no backwater). Like the headline says, this blog isn’t quite dead yet.


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