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Hello world!


Waimea Bay

Your humble blogger

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while, if only as an exercise in keeping my writing sharp over and during breaks in the Ol’ Baylor University school year. With Christmas break about half done, I figured now would be a good time to fire this baby up.
So, I have a blog now. great!

Now what the heck do I write about? I should start with the title of the blog “ke kaula”. This is Hawaiian for “the cord” or “the rope”. I decided to follow the local crowd in giving a synonym for “rope” as the name for a publication relating to Baylor university. I consider Hawai’i to be home, so Hawaiian was a natural choice. Otherwise I would have gone with latin, but the blog would end up being called something godawful like “funis” or “”rudens”. As an English speaker, Latin words like those just look bad to me without definite articles. Words like “the” or “ke” would go a long way to make them look distinguished and blog-title-worthy.

As for me, myself, I, the author (posterior view pictured above), I am an Anthropology student. I absolutely, without a doubt want to pursue a career as an archaeologist in Hawai’i… Or I might get into late classic Maya archaeology… On the other hand I’d love to work on provincial Roman archaeological sites in Turkey. Then again, I could delve into ethnohistory and study Hawaiian documents from the early 19th century… Or maybe I could go towards underwater archaeology and use it to research trade patterns in the mediterranean… err… *cough* let us just say that my interests are broad. I skateboard, surf, draw a bit, and cook.
Thats enough for now.

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