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Unknowing Host

 First off, this is mostly recycled from some writing I did over winter break. I’m posting this because I’ve been getting more interested in psychology related stuff the past couple weeks. So, do you have time to watch a 20 minute video (or read a transcript)?


This is an interview Robert Sapolsky did on recent research on the clever parasite, Toxoplasmosis gondii.
I’ve read some things about how parasites can change a host’s behavior in order to jump to other species, but listening to how its actually done in this case is spooky, and a bit cool. 
If the link between Toxo and car crashes is legitimate, are cat owners more likely to engage in risky behavior than dog owners who might not be exposed to this parasite? Ok, that would be just about impossible to demonstrate since you don’t necessarily need to own a cat to become a host and this can be a very indirect thing, but its fun to think about. 
Also, I love how it takes seven minutes of craziness for him to get to the “utterly bizarre” stuff.

P.S. When I was reading over the previous paragraph, I wondered if James Dean owned a cat. Thanks to the cat files I know the answer.


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