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… That Ken Starr?

Over the past 24 hours or so, word has been spreading that Kenneth W. Starr would be appointed president of Baylor University by the school regents.
At around noon, I along with every other student, faculty and staff member received a mass e-mail which made it official: Ken Starr is the 14th president. The range of reactions to this so far hasn’t stretched far from confusion and surprise.
It’s no secret that the Baylor presidency (which has been empty since July of ’08 ) has been in a bad way the past few years.
Still, nobody expected Ken Starr (yes, THAT Ken Starr). I’m sure that plenty of people will be upset with this choice for various reasons: too controversial, not baptist, too conservative. After reading up on him this morning, I am impressed at what he has done, particularly in representing death row inmates pro bono. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out over the next year.
Starr will be introduced as president by the regents tomorrow at 3pm. If I can make it, I’ll be attending.
You can get some more information on this whole affair and a link to a live stream of the event here:

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