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A little while ago I sat down here at common grounds for a cup of coffee. I’m supposed to be working on a presentation for my historical archaeology class, but I had to check a few blogs first. John Hawkes’ paleoanthropology blog is one I always stop by in order to get a bead on whats going on in that field. Well, today’s post describes how some researchers have written about the full draft of the Neanderthal genome. These researchers determined that modern humans (people living today) have genes inherited from Neanderthal populations!

At that point of the post, I was glad I wasn’t sipping my cowboy java brew, otherwise I would have spewed it towards the poor girl sitting across from me.

This has been a point of debate for quite a while. While there has been a good amount of evidence for human and neanderthal populations being in regular contact with one another,  this seems to be the first solid evidence of of successful mating between human and neanderthal individuals.

If you’re at all interested in this, check out the post for a very detailed analysis, and check back often. This will likely be a topic of discussion there for a while.


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